Summer Sale 2021 Results

We've been reeling from the month of August 2021 and we hardly know what to say beyond THANK YOU and CONGRATULATIONS. 🙏 🎉

Here is a quick recap if you aren't familiar with our seasonal sales at Blender Market.

About the Sale

Each season Blender Market runs a site-wide product sale.  Participation in a sale is completely optional. Any Creator that opts in has their products discounted for the duration of the sale. 

About us (which is also about many of you)

Our goal with events like these is to increase product sales and, in turn, improve the ability of Creators to run independent businesses built on their Blender products.  This community we have built belongs to all of the Creators who choose to participate in Blender Market and now also includes the Affiliates working in tandem with them.  To celebrate those efforts, we believe in sharing your success and making these results public.  

2021 Results

During the seven days of the Summer Sale, 701 different Creators sold 16,284 products for a total gross revenue of $426,075.92, of which 79% went straight to Creators and 5% was paid to Affiliates.  That's $336,906.51 in Creator earnings and $21,366.14 for Affiliates.  From these 8,466 orders, Blender Market saw ~$60,581.64 and only $3,132.04 in refunds (because these products are top notch).  To top it all off, $7,221.63 was donated to the Blender Development Fund to keep the software we know and love well-supported.

After seeing the increasing success of each sale prior to this Summer Sale we began whispering to ourselves, "I wonder if we can break one million dollars in a single month of sales on Blender Market" and here we are at the end of August looking at $1.1M.  😌😳🙂 We've blinked a lot and pinched ourselves, but the number is still there. 

You are incredible.  Here's to making a living with Blender and showing the value of Blender Market.  Thank you and congratulations!  

Whether you are a Creator, an Affiliate or a Customer, you are a dream come true.  🧡