Spring Sale 2022 Results

Spring has sprung at Blender Market, marked by our site-wide spring sale.  🌱

Site-wide sales offer creators the opportunity to jump in and drop prices on their products by 25%.  Sales are also a chance for customers to grab some goodies they've been gazing at in their wishlist.  

The goal of Blender Market is not only to provide great products to delight users, but also to provide an opportunity for Blender Creators to make a living with their work.  We add more success stories every time one of these sales go live.  We also believe in sharing that success transparently with everyone.

As a result of this sale, we saw earnings for 811 Creators and 67 Affiliates who sent 5,225 referrals our way.  The total earnings over only five days were $547,435.27.  Our customers gathered up 28,607 new products and we donated $10,180.99 to the Blender Development Fund to keep the software we know and love well-supported.

Here is a detailed breakdown of the results from the Spring Sale 2022. 
These number cover only the five days of the sale, April 13 - 18, 2022:
  • Gross Merchandise Value: $645,495.63
  • Total Orders: 13,061
  • Total refunds: $2,123.68
  • Total products sold: 28,067
  • Creator earnings: $520,417.62
  • Affiliate earnings: $27,017.65
  • Dev Fund donations: $10,180.99

    Thank you for for supporting Blender Market Creators this Spring.  We hope the new products and extra funds are bringing joy to your Blender lives, and these results inspire you to keep going!

    🧡 The Blender Market Team


    • alexreynolds

      3 days ago

      This post explains this amazing thing well enough for someone to understand it, and I'm sure everyone will like it quordle

    • jameswelton

      24 days ago

      @geometry dash lite: Wow! Cool! This is a big news for me. Thanks for sharing it.

    • orborneee

      2 months ago

      I was unable to get any discount codes. I hope I will have them in 2023 

    • rosydam

      4 months ago

      My opinion on this matter is that offering customers more value for their money through product bundles is a smart approach to boosting sales. Utilizing product bundles is an effective way to encourage customers to purchase more items while feeling like they're getting a better deal. Bundling related or complementary products together at a discounted price can create a win-win situation for both customers and sellers.

      only up

    • DIma

      over 1 year ago


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