Introducing Creator Subscriptions

The main goal of the Blender Market is to empower independent artists and developers by giving them a platform to create a living while using Blender. Now with subscriptions, you can earn a higher percentage of each sale and gain access to new selling tools for a small monthly fee.

Subscription Basics

There are now 4 subscription levels that you can choose from, so no matter how much you make from the Market, there's a plan that will fit your needs. So let's take a look at what a subscription will get you.  The main things that change from subscription plans as you move higher in price on the plans are you'll receive a higher percentage of each commission, along with getting a higher percentage of each sale, you also pay lower merchant rate fees and no transaction fees.

Subscription Benefits

Along with higher percentage of commissions, lower merchant fees and no transaction fees we will be adding extra features to each subscription tier in the very near future. 

Higher Earnings (Basic-Ultimate)

Want to take your store up a notch? Every subscription option besides free eliminates transaction fees, reduces merchant fees, and gives you higher commission rates. Subscribing to one of the monthly plans will increase your earnings and lower your fees, enabling you to grow your store.

Coupon Creation (Basic-Ultimate)

Every subscription tier except the Free tier is able to create custom coupon codes for all of their products. Coupon codes are a great way to offer your products at a discounted price to your customers. They're great, whether you want to give your current customers a 25% discount on a brand new product you'll be releasing or you want to run a contest and give away some free copies of your products.

With the new Coupon Creation System for paying subscribers, it's super easy to add any new coupon codes you might want to offer to customers. The Coupon Creation System puts you in charge of running your own sales. 

As time goes on, we will be introducing additional subscription-only features that are designed to help you either a) increase sales or b) improve customer retention and support.