Better Product Search and Filtering for Blender Products

We now sell over 1,300 products here on the Blender Market, from Creators all over the world. This number continues to grow and is testament to the increasing success and viability of the marketplace. The downside to this, is that finding what you need has gotten more challenging. 

Today we've made two major improvements to help you find exactly what you need when you need it.

Better Search through Elastic

A dramatically improved search, using Elastic, has been deployed, which makes searching faster and better. In particular this search offers:

  1. Greatly improved search results, due to elastic's ability for fuzzy searching and weighted results. Meaning that we can give certain attributes, such as titles or tags, more weight when returning results.
  2. Organic improvements over time as the search database learns and optimizes customers searches. In other words, we can track what is searched for and then purchased in order to know when a customer finds what they need and thus give more weight to similar search results. 

Elastic search is going to be a major step for the Blender Market, as it gives us the control and flexibility to monitor and improve search results in an ongoing fashion. The main goal of course is to boost your sales.

Improved Product Filtering

Alongside search, we have improved the product filtering and sorting options, rebuilding it from the ground up. 

As you've likely experienced, filtering products was woefully insufficient. Not anymore!

You can now drill-down into product categories and sub-categories, filtering by price, license, and rating. You can also order the results by price. These filters also work on search results, giving you even more control. 

We will continue to introduce new filters as we go, further empowering you to find what you need. Are you looking for Sci-Fi models that have a 4+ star review? No problem:

Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Photo by Annie Theby on Unsplash


  • juggie about 1 year ago

    An artist exclusion filter would be nice. Some guys bring so much stuff at once, that you miss a few good things.

  • Paul Kotelevets about 1 year ago

    Nice news!
    Also, list of 8 products per creator's page seems to be too short.
    What about 100/200/500?

    • Jonathan Williamson about 1 year ago

      Agreed, 8 is too small. We'll improve that.

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