2022 Wrap Up and Cyber Results

Thank you for being part of Blender Market.  The market would not exist without our creators and customers, so in many ways the market is as much yours as it is ours.  Because of this and in the spirit of Blender itself, we publicaly share the health and wellness of the market.  You can check the market stats at any time and we like to take the moment following site-wide sales to provide a little extra report.  In short, it's been a great year on Blender Market with an all-time high reached in November 2022 seeing a record total sales of $1,246,632.28 for the month! 

This was in no small part thanks to our Cyber sale which always brings the holiday joy at 25% off prices for customers and a large increase in sales for creators.

Earlier this year we added free products for the first time on Blender Market.  You will see some of the sale numbers below broken out to include or exclude those products.  We also added many strong creators and brilliant products.  In fact, there were more unique products sold in this sale than any before it.

This year saw a huge milestone.  Our goal is to provide valuable products to Blender creators as well as helping creators make a living with their work.  In 2022 we saw the first two creators reach over $1M in lifetime earnings and the first singular product to pass $1M in sales on Blender Market.  Also, to date, Blender Market creators have donated over half a million dollars to the Blender Development Fund. A huge congratulations to everyone on the market. May the new year bring you success, joy, happiness and lots of Blending 🎉

2022 Cyber Sale Results for the four days of the sale, November 25 through 28 are listed below:

  • Gross merchandise value: $593,775.5

  • Creator earnings: $482,995.41

  • Affiliate earnings: $28,401.48

  • Total refunded revenue: $3,906.32

  • Total Blender Dev. Fund donations: $8,733.75

  • Blender Market gross revenue: ~$79,037.05

  • Total products sold (excluding free): 23,035

  • Total orders (excluding free): 11,036

  • Unique customers: 11,001 (with free), 8,382 (without free)

  • Unique products sold (excluding free): 2,670

  • Average order amount (free excluded): $53.80

Thank you for joining us in 2022.  We’ll be around for the rest of the year if you need us, but also taking a little breather to reinvest in our families and prep for the new year.  We hope you can do the same.  It was wonderful meeting so many of you in person in Amsterdam at Blender Conference!  We look forward to working with you and for you in 2023.