Tutorial - Creating Realistic Horror Scene In Blender + 37 Photoscanned Stone Assets

by Šime Bugarija in Training

In this step-by-step tutorial we will try to make Dylan Dog cover realistic using the free program blender. We'll talk about modeling, texturing, lighting, unwrapping, composition, post-processing and more.

Part 2 - Free part

Dylan Dog is a former Scotland Yard policeman and works as a private detective who investigates paranormal events. A long time ago, when I was collecting comic books, I especially remember this cover.

I'll show you my way of creating a realistic human face in blender, which is otherwise a very difficult task. We will also create the lady in black and of course the castle and all the details you see on this render.

The tutorial is step-by-step and suitable for blender beginners, the final blender file and all resources are includedThe first part of the tutorial lasting 12 minutes is free, after that you can decide if you want to buy the tutorial.

I will also share with you the Stone City asset pack. The asset pack consists of photoscans, mainly of old stone walls, grounds  houses, churches, and similar buildings, about 40 assets ready for asset browser.

1 - Introduction - 2 min
2 - Castle, basic shape - 12 min
3 - Stairs - 4 min
4 - Doors and windows, Boolean modifier - 9 min
5 - Doors and windows, frames - 8 min
6 - Lighting - 8 min
7 - Stone material - 12 min
8 - Details on the stairs - 5 min
9 - Planks - 10 min
10 - Skeleton - 4 min
11 - Dylan Dog character - 10 min
12 - Lighting, detail - 7 min
13 - Lady in black - 24 min
14 - Details - 6 min
15 - Post-processing - 13 min


The asset pack consists of 37 photo-scanned models, mostly stone objects.

- Objects are mostly low-poly
- Texture is 2k, jpg image about 3mb per object
- Real-world scale
- Asset browser ready (marked as assets, + thumbnails)
- Color, bump, and roughness maps

In the last few years, I often needed photo scans of stone walls, houses, churches, and similar buildings, and I collected a lot of assets. Now I collected all the assets in one place, I photo-scanned several new ones and created this asset pack.

Stone City is an assets pack that contains 37 assets, mainly stone walls, houses, churches, floors, but also smaller objects that fit into the surroundings.

All assets are fairly low-poly and contain a 2k texture, which is not too large to slow down the scene, but large enough to contain a lot of information. Assets are not for scenes where the camera is too close to objects, but after a few meters, they look good. All assets have real-world scale dimensions and are aligned with the axes in a blender, so they are easy to use.

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