Tools For 3D Artists (Hdri And Procedural And Pbr)

by xcx in Surfacing

This package has more than 20 HDRI (12K,8K,6K)

such as beach, city, nature, landscape, autumn jungle, sunny sky, blue sky, cloudy sky, mountain and etc.

More than 100 materials (PBR and blender procedural)

such as metal, rusty metal, plastic, glass, animal skin, concrete, car paint, and etc. 

With procedural material you can make very variant material

PBR material is 8K, 4K and 2K. with jpeg and Png maps.

package has some interesting material like 4K building material.

no need to model a building just put this material on box and render...

I hope you use it, and I will update my product very soon.