The Creature

by p2design in Models

What is this green stuff?

Hi everyone. Here you will find the complete rigged model I've created to make this featured video (on blender artist and blender nation) : The small won't eat the big This is a pretty high end model, fully rigged and shaded. This is perfect if you want to work on non human animation as it can be used as both a biped and a quadriped character. What a perfect character to be included in your scifi or heroic fantasy projects!!


By purchasing this product you will get :

  • High resolution character mesh with relevant topology
  • Diffuse, specular, bump, normal and displacement map all in 6K
  • Full custom rig. Properly Skinned character. Face rig
  • 4 action data including an idle animation and a run cycle
  • All shaders of the creature
  • Custom driven shapekeys for advanced muscular deformation
  • A pdf documentation explaining the tricky features

Tutorial : A tutorial on how to create advanced muscular deformation using driven shapekeys by constrained bones will be released ASAP.