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Surfaces is a blender file which includes several nodes for procedural and fast drawing of mathematical surfaces. A pdf file showing the surfaces for different parameter sets is also included

The different surfaces are :
- 2D waves
- Elliptic paraboloid
- Elliptic Gaussian
- Hyperbolic paraboloid
- Pl├╝cker's conoid
- Pseudosphere
- Revolution of sinusoid
- Saddle
- Astroidal Surface
- Tannery's pear
- Coil
- Bohemian Dome
- Egg Box
- Boy Surface
- Cone of revolution
- Sea-Shell
- Ellipsoid
- Cushion
- Diniis Surface
- Gaudi's Surface
- Morin's Surface
- Catenoid
- Sinusoisal Cone

Additional nodes :

different nodes that I use quite regularly are also proposed in the file :
- Functions : Polynomial, Arsinh, Arcosh, Artanh
- Conversion nodes : Cartesian_To_spherical, Cartesian_To_cylindrical, cylindrical_to_cartesian, spherical_to_cartesian
- Other : Multi_sum and Multi_prod : calculates the sum (or product) of all nodes that are connected

How to install this ? :

Just put the blend file (and also the blender_assets.cats.txt file) into a directory and connnect it through the preferences : Edit/preference/File Paths and click on "add Asset Library"

Published 11 months ago
Blender Version 3.4, 3.5
License Royalty Free
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