Supermarket Shop Store Grocer Retail Builder 3D Kitbash

by hknoblauch in Models

This 3D pack will enable you to quicly put together shop, store or supermarket environments, it offers some core elements like:

  1. Shop Aisle or shelving Shelf with coffee Shelf with Cereal - 1 Shelf with Cereal - 2 Shelf with rusks / Biscotty Shelf with boxed pasta and sauce / ready meal

  2. Checkout or till point cash desk Checkout desk Till point Card machine

  3. Standing fridge The model consists of 4 notable pieces of 3d mesh when opened: Individual elements - can be used to assemble a custom scene to your liking. I recommend just using array to nake up the length, then sape cthe end caps to finalize the model to your length A pre built wall fridge configuration A pre built Ailse frige or refrigirated area A single fridge configuration The strore grocery products on shelf in the open freezer is as follows: Product Included: Bottles: Juiced, Clover Duo Krush Orange, Red Grape, Guava, Mango, Clover Tropika, Mango peach, Tropical, Pineapple Henties, Guava, Orange, Butters and spread, margarine Rama, Stork, Sunshine D Ole,

  4. Floor fridge The model consists of: the end caps, modeled as seperate loos parts which are optional the centre section, modeled to use as a stand alone fridge if you want to use it in that way Foods are: Amy's bowls, Smart Ones, Stouffer's, Mozerella Sticks, Steamin Easy Vegtables, Pork & Chicken Gyoza Dumplings, McCan Mixed vegetables, Steamfresh and great value vegetables

File Formats are:

Blender 3.6





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Blender Version 3.6
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