Super Easy Text Effects - Minimal Skills Required

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Super Easy Text Effects

We have made these pre-made text effect scenes that you can open up and start editing right away!

Learning Blender can be difficult, which is why we have handcrafted 22 amazing text effects that can be used by almost everyone - even if you have never used Blender before. Each of our text effect files comes with a custom-made script that does 99% of the tedious work for you. All you need to do is open up the .blend file and press the play icon ▷ at the top of each file, then edit the text and press the "Run Scene Setup" button and our custom scripts will do all of the complicated bits in the background. 

Our files are suitable for everyone - with a few simple clicks, you can change the text in each of our scenes and use the included script panel to do all of the work in the background. 

  1. Are you new to Blender and have no knowledge
  2. Do you have a basic understanding of Blender but want to learn more
  3. Are you a Blender professional

...then skip to the section below that best suits you:

1 - I'm new to Blender and have never used it

The first time you open Blender it can be overwhelming... with so many menus and buttons it can be frustrating to know where to begin, and sometimes it's nice just to be able to open up a pre-made scene, make a few small edits to make it your own and hit the render button to get results instantly! Well this is where our files are perfect for you, we have hand-crafted each scene so that you can simply edit the text, run the included Panel that is custom-made for each scene and get instant results. By playing with our files and getting super quick & personalised animations to show off to your friends, family and the world you will then be eager to start learning Blender more and more!

2 - I have some Blender experience but I am still fairly new

OK, so you now have started to learn your way around Blender, you can edit or delete the default cube, maybe you have extruded a few things, set up some lights and started to get some nice models rendered and even animated! But you are keen to learn more - well our handy pre-made scenes are a great start for you to start seeing what is going on under the hood, you will start to see how some of our files use particle system, fluid, cloth and rigid body physics all fine-tuned with Low/Medium/High/Ultra presets so you can test out a scene quickly and then switch to the higher settings after. If you also want to learn a bit of Python scripting then these files are also perfect to get you to see real-world examples of this in action. Finally - you will be more comfortable with updating each of our pre-made scenes with your textures, materials and models to make them your own.

3- I'm a Blender Pro!

Being a seasoned pro then these files will be extremely useful for you to understand how the power of using Python in your scenes can make them completely re-useable for your client work, by analysing our code you will be able to get an understanding of how you to can start to automate repetitive tasks to save you time in the future. You will also be able to use your expert knowledge to edit these files and expand on them to make them into absolutely stunning masterpieces.

Demo Reel:

Support and help

We can provide help via our Discord channel, you are welcome to ask questions or report any bugs so that we can help you fix them easily! Here is the help channel: 

Happy Birthday Video Tutorial:
Please take a look at our Video Tutorial for the Happy Birthday animation:

Please note - your download file from Blender Markets will be the file, and not the download file from our website (they are the same file contents however)

More template files are being added...

At the time of writing, we currently have 22 pre-made scenes and will be adding more and more all the time to help grow this product into something vast - so we would love you to use our Ideas channel to chat with us about possible scenes you would like us to create next for you: 

Blender Version

All our files have been made using V4.0.1 and predominantly use the Cycles render engine, some may work with EEVEE but not all are guaranteed. You are welcome to use our support channel to help us get the files working for you and your needs and we will be happy to help.

Setup Guides

Our files generally follow the same principle - Edit the Text Object using the tab key, resize using the "S" key to scale, and move it using the "G" key to grab. Then run the included script by pressing the play icon ▷ at the top - this brings up each file's custom side panel to do all the hard work for you. We have also made more in-depth guides for each scene here: 

Video Tutorials

We are in the process of recording video tutorials for all of our scenes and hope to have this ready soon, in the meantime please use our website setup guides or feel free to ask us questions on our Discord links above. 

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Published 3 months ago
Blender Version 4.0
Render Engine Used Cycles
License Royalty Free
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