Stylized Tree Asset Generator

by Rei in Modifier Setups

 Easy-to-use and highly customizable Stylized Tree Asset Generator

Making good-looking stylized trees in Blender can quickly embark you in a rabbit-hole of several complex skills. Well, I followed this route so you don’t have to!
Combining geometry nodes, procedural textures and shading, and hand-painted leaves textures, this Stylized Tree Generator allows you to create easily beautiful stylized trees with a high customization, suitable for both Blender beginners and meticulous creators.

Note : the shading was made in Eevee and, for now, doesn't translate to Cycles. The rest of the tools work in both render engines.

It was made with Blender 3.6 but were adapted to older versions until Blender 3.3 (versions under 3.3 were not tested). It works perfectly from Blender 3.4, but the scatter tool doesn't work in Blender 3.3.

Shape Your Ideal Trees

Dive into the heart of creation with the help of an easy-to-use Geometry Nodes setup to create trees that fit your project perfectly. You can also adjust resolution from low poly to intricate details effortlessly, and it generates automatic UVs so that textures can be baked.

And with a single click,  generate infinite variations of trees with similar characteristics using the Random Generator input!

You can also use your own mesh to shape the leaves with maximum control.

Design Vibrant Scenes

Now comes the fun part – breathe life into your creation by choosing from a variety of textures and shading options. You can take a head-start by picking from 10 leaves texture presets, 16 trunk texture presets, and 12 hand-painted leaves textures.

But wait, there's more! They're all procedural textures, so every detail can be adjusted to your liking.

It also includes a custom Toon Shader for the trunk, 2 shading groups for the leaves (one designed for effortless use, and one offering intricate controls) and 4 sets of custom normals to get the exact shading you're looking for.

Give Them Life

With the integration of an additionnal Geometry Node setup, infuse your trees with life as animated winds gently sway the leaves, bringing a captivating, lifelike charm to your digital landscapes. 

Growing Your Own Forest

A custom Scatter Tool allow you to populate your scenes easily while keeping those dynamic normals intact. Build your own tree assets library and be ready to fill your scenes with entire forests!

Additionnal Content

Drawing on my experience creating stylized trees, I've come closer to achieving a visually appealing look while efficiently managing polygon count. The tool provides various inputs for resolution and density, offering greater control over scene optimization.

Along with the multiple pre-made textures and shading groups, you can get the Asset Pack which includes 34 assets (including 6 bushes) to give you a quick head start.

It also includes a folder ready to be added to your Asset Library, enhancing your experience with the tools and make them even easier to use.

These tools were made by prioritizing user-friendliness without sacrificing the depth of creative control. But for those venturing into the realm of 3D art, a comprehensive documentation is included with detailed explanations as well as common problems and their solutions.

I trust that this Stylized Tree Generator will prove invaluable for crafting your ideal stylized background. Feel free to share your creations with me, I'd love to see them!

Also, your feedback is crucial to make this tool and future ones better, so if you have any questions or feedback, don't hesitate to reach out to me :


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