Space Tree Pro

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Space Tree Pro, a new way to create trees

Space Tree Pro lets you create trees in minutes.


  • can be made to interact with the environment, reacting to impenetrable object groups or shadow areas,
  • can be used to duplicate similar trees by simply copying them and regenerating them with a different seed,
  • can be made truly distinguished by shaping them with a grease pencil or outlining crown shapes with object groups,
  • are not limited to single trunk trees; multiple trunk trees or even hedges are just as easy.

Space Tree Pro is all about versatility. Where an established solution like Sapling is about hero trees and indeed allows for a more direct control, Space Tree Pro is about interaction with the environment, creating many trees in the middle distance without sacrificing their individuality while still offering you a efficient work-flow, a great deal of control, uv-mapped tree trunks and a handy starter pack.

Interact with the environment

Trees are assets that can define a scene. They can be the centre of attention, an important prop or just a background but in all those cases they add to the general mood by their shapes and colours. A key factor in the believability of a scene is how well the trees blend in with the environment. And this is where Space Tree Pro comes in, with it's ability to create crown shapes based on how much light is available at a certain location, it's awareness to prevent branches from growing into impenetrable buildings and the possibility to grow multiple interacting trees or bushes at once.

Create unique trees fast

Space Tree Pro offers a large number of options to shape a tree and stores this information along with the tree object itself. This allows for a quick way to generate similar but unique trees once you are satisfied with the general shape. Simply duplicate your tree, choose a new seed and update the tree. Trees along with their properties can be stored in any .blend file, which makes creating libraries of trees straightforward. You are not limited however to create trees with simple crown shapes: tree crowns can be shaped using groups of objects for their general shape, starting points for trunks can be defined using groups of empties and the general shape of a crown can be influenced with the grease pencil. In fact it is possible to create a tree or bush with just the grease pencil which gives you the possibility to create for example shrubs that are trained along walls or very irregular and distinctive 'hero' trees.

Get started immediately

Space Tree Pro comes bundled with several example trees that you can use as a basis for your own trees. A comprehensive and fully illustrated manual is provided as well and a YouTube play-list is provided with several walk-through tutorials.

Customize your trees

Shaping trees is not enough to create a convincing impression, leaves and fruits are essential too. You can of course use the sample trees provided or reuse the particle systems bundled with them but creating your own particle systems with leaves or other objects is possible as well and documented in the manual. In fact almost any aspect a generated tree is customizable. Each generated tree is uv mapped and comes with several weight and vertex color maps that can be used in bark materials or to control a particle system and all these features are documented as well.

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Published about 9 years ago
Blender Version 2.7x, 2.8, 2.83, 2.93, 3.3
License GPL
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