Smart Shaders Vol Ii: Environments

by Boundless Blending in Models

Where are the common shaders like wood, glass, metals?

Smart Shaders VOL II is best suited for artists creating nature scenes, and artists who are into outdoor arch-viz that involves nature scenes.

Any shader which is not commonly a part of nature or environments are not included.

If you still need other shaders, you can check out Smart Shaders VOL I.

Isn't the product overpriced?

Unlike most image textures available online, Smart Shaders VOL II has a quite reasonable price. After analyzing popular shader packs on the Blender Market and other popular websites, the average price per material is somewhere around $2 – $3 for mere image-based materials.

At that rate, the total price (not including the price of models/assets) would be well over $ 50.

And with the market rate of models/assets, the price would have easily gone higher than $ 100.

That’s overkill for most of the artists.

To make it affordable and enable more artists to use it, the price was settled at $1.60 per shader and $0.2 per model/asset.

So the entire pack costs $44 in total ($1.6 x 20 shaders + $0.2 x 60 models/assets).

In addition, you have three different product packages to choose from. You can buy the one you can afford.