by OffTheClock Studios in Addons

Show It Off - Blender Addon by OffTheClock Studios

Discover the joy of seeing your 3D models in motion with "Show It Off," a Blender addon crafted to enrich your modeling experience. Designed for Blender 4.1.0, this tool allows you to animate your creations with customizable, turntable-style rotations accessible directly from the 3D View context menu. Whether you're a dedicated artist, an insightful educator, or an innovative developer, "Show It Off" offers a simple, powerful way to showcase and appreciate the intricacies of your work.

Why Admire Your Work?

- Recognition: Taking the time to view your models in motion allows you to fully appreciate the effort and creativity invested in each project.

- Reflection: Observing your models from all angles helps identify areas for improvement, fostering growth and excellence in your craft.

- Inspiration: Seeing your creations come to life can reignite your passion for design and spur new ideas, pushing the boundaries of what you can achieve.

Key Features:

- Easy Access: Instantly activate dynamic rotations with a right-click in the View3D context menu. Also accessible via the view options from any workspace. Rotate your sculpt, edits, shades, and more.

- Customizable Speeds: Tailor rotation speeds on the X, Y, and Z axes to highlight different aspects of your model. Once you have the speed you like, the settings are out of sight. 

- Real-Time Preview: Adjustments are visible immediately, ensuring your presentation captures the desired effect.

- Instant Reversal: Stop and reset your model's orientation with a right-click, offering precise control for thorough reviews.

- Streamlined and Robust: Designed to perform seamlessly, ensuring fluid motion even with complex models.

"Show It Off" is more than just a tool—it's your stage to celebrate the completion of each masterpiece, big or small. It invites you to pause, reflect, and take pride in your artistic achievements.

Get Started Easily:

1. Install the addon.

2. Select your models.

3. Right-click and choose "SHOW IT OFF" to immerse yourself in the beauty of your creations.

Adjust settings in the ShowItOff addon tab in the preferences window to get the perfect showcase rhythm.

Embrace a new perspective on your work with "Show It Off" – now available for Blender 4.1.0. Allow yourself a moment to appreciate the beauty and effort of your creations. Experience the satisfaction of your hard work in every spin!