Shaders Plus - Caustics, Thin Film, Dispersion For Cycles & Eevee (V4)

by SMOUSE in Surfacing

SMOUSE Shaders Plus Real-Time Caustics, Dispersion, Thin Film Shaders Plus is the most popular and leading addon for achieving Industry Standard shaders effects in Blender. Compatible with all versions of Blender 3.0 and above Why do 5,000+ artists use Shaders Plus? Between Gumroad & Blender Market Industry Standard Quality Shaders Plus takes inspiration from industry leading render engines, such as Octane & Redshift, to deliver results found only in industry standard pipelines. Real-Time Caustics No More Waiting for Hours! Shaders Plus produces beautifully detailed simulated caustics, powered by existing shadow information. With this technique, we can ensure high performance on any machine, slow or powerful! Thin Film Interference No Rainbow Gradients Here! Experience Physically Accurate Thin-Film effects for the first time in Blender! Simulating the natural interference of light with 1,000+ vector nodes, you won't find a single rainbow gradient! Real Dispersion Spectral Based, no RGB Splits! Our Continuous Dispersion effect is highly realistic, by re-creating a physical prism effect inside the shader, that mimics physically accurate light biases.5 Stars Average Rating Real-Time Caustics Really, Real-Time Replicating how Shadow Caustics work, through a shader, we're able to achieve Real-Time Caustics results within Cycles! Simply enable the shaders Caustics Strength slider, tweak the values to your desire, and voila! In fact, these caustics actually tend to render faster than anything else in the scene! Even on the lowest end of hardware! Note: Real-Time Caustics "can" work in eevee, but it is heavily restricted due to the current technical limitations of Eevee & Eevee Next. Gorgeous Results in Any Scenario Access 69 Presets from the Add Menu Real-Time Performance vs Default Physically Accurate Thin Film Interference The Thin-Film effect in Shaders Plus is indeed Physically Accurate, thanks to the extensive formula developed by Robert Moerland PhD.It incorporates over 1,000 vector math nodes to cycle through the natural interference range of light seamlessly. This means you have precise control over the thinness of the "film" as well as its index of refraction (IOR), similar to how you would in industry standard renderers like Octane, Redshift, or Arnold. Physically Accurate Perfection Video by NotImportantStudio Continuous Dispersion Spectrally Based Video by NotImportantStudio Shaders Plus offers a highly realistic Dispersion option, with a multitude of settings that allows you to custom tailor your desired look! What sets our dispersion apart from other options, is it does not use multiple shaders to create an RGB split, but instead, re-creating a physical prism effect inside the shader, that mimics physically accurate light biases. Perfect for glass, liquid, lenses, or even chromatic aberration filters! Over 69Shader Presets Shaders Plus comes with 69 standard Shaders Plus Presets, as well as 6 Modular Presets, giving you tons of options and freedoms to really nail the look of your scene! These presets contain Shader-based presets, Feature-based presets, and Module-based Presets. Feature Based Modular Node Groups Shaders Plus v3 comes with an all new Modular Node Group system! These new feature modules allow you to incorporate the powerful features of Shaders Plus, into any existing shader setup, simply just by dragging and dropping them into their connections, making it a totally non-destructive process! Non-destructively Drag & Drop Allow any existing shader to utilize the Shaders Plus features by using the Modules! Join us on Discord! Check out the sister addon! Underwater Caustics• Asset Library• Procedural Shaders• Light Node Shaders• Procedural Dispersion• Animation Control• Customizable Settings...And more! Learn more and Try it for Free today...Gumroad Blender Market Become an Affiliate! Fill out this form below to apply for an affiliate partnership, and earn up to 50% per commission! Anyone can get accepted, no prerequisites necessary! Affiliate Sign Up Form!

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Sales 3100+
Downloads 37200+
Customer Ratings 30
Average Rating
Dev Fund Contributor
Published over 1 year ago
Blender Version 4.1, 4.0, 3.0
Render Engine Used Cycles, Eevee
License GPL
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