Sad Cursor

by twosadmen in Addons

With the "Sad cursor" tool you can change the position and orientation of the 3D cursor in one click. Working with it has become much faster and more convenient, no need to press a bunch of keys to do one action. Changing it's orientation and making precise movements has always been tricky to do. Also, you can assign your favorite hotkey for each action to prevent interfering with other addons.

We made "Sad Cursor" for ourselves to make the modeling workflow in blender faster and more smoothly. We share it with you.

You can also:

        • Сhange position of the mesh pivot to 3d cursor position;

        • Reset 3D cursor orientation while maintaining location;

How to use:

        • Setup your favorite hotkey (in addon settings, default is D)

        • Press LMB to snap the 3d cursor to vertex/edge/face

        • Press Shift + LMB to change the position of 3d cursor without rotation

        • Press Ctrl + LMB to set 3d cursor orientation based on vertex/edge/face

        • Press W to set the origin to the 3d cursor

        • Press E to set default rotation of 3d cursor

        • Press your favorite hotkey again to exit the toolOptions:

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License GPL
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