Roadscape Evaluated 1.4.1 (Geonode Road Network Generator)

by Baptiste Mollicone in Modifier Setups

Roadscape is a Blender geonode based addon which streamlines the process of generating realistic road systems/networks and adapt the terrain to it.

Model large scale road systems in a few steps.

Addon based on Geometry Nodes for Blender 4.0

!!!PLEASE Note that this addon is a one click tool but it isn't beginner friendly, you need at least a general comprehension of Blender in order to use it with ease.
Make sure to check out the documentation, video presentations and tutorials before buying, so you know what you're getting into.
Check the documentation
Roadscape Evaluated Presentation
Roadscape v2 Tutorial

Features a complete set of tools to quickly create road meshes adapted to any terrain mesh.

- Fully customizable and controllable road width, road side width, camber and evelation at any given point.

- Procedural road mesh UV unwrapping.

- Capable of handling a wide range of scenario, super versatile and flexible.

- Performances oriented (scalable tool for large and complex scenes).

- Supports intersections, bridges, tunnels and roundabouts.

- Customizable local procedural terrain subdivision.

- Customizable auto-intersection merging.

- Terrain smoothing.

- Road Smoothing.

- Can output modified terrain or road network only.

Actual geometry consisting of barebone edges and vertices.

Quickly model your project by simply extruding vertices, the Geonodes will do the rest!

What you see here is the unsubdivided  generated road and support mesh, as well as the actual initial geometry composed of bare edges.

Generates clean quad topology.

The addon's Legacy Mode will output almost 100% quad topology for the modified terrain, 100% for the road network, making it easy to unwrap.

A clear UI for a quick workflow.

Access all features from a simple and clear panel (detailed documentation provided).

Support provided.

Join the Roadscape Discord server on purchase.


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Published about 1 month ago
Blender Version 4.0, 3.6, 3.5
License GPL
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