Retopo Planes

by Nodes Interactive in Modifier Setups

Retopo clothes without losing details or breaking a sweat!

Blender 4.0+ compatible.

Update 1.2 - Symmetry Support + Thickness & more

See full release notes in documentation.

Guide retopo using simple planes

  • Automatically adjusted density of connected patterns
  • Retopology based on source garment's UVs
  • Constant feedback from flexible GUI
  • Built in snapping for precision

Manual density control

Additional control using edge crease & edge sharp

Keep details with subdivs & UVs

Ready for further sculpting and texturing

And more

  • Select seams to seperate patterns using Edge Bevel Weight
  • Relax lowpoly mesh
  • Convert 3D garment to flat patterns
  • Handles any shape of patterns also with darts
  • Fit UVs to 1st tile
  • Speed - source garment polycount doesn't matter

>>> Documentation <<<

Features Walkthrough

In Depth: 3dToGarment, Density Settings

Update 1.2: Symmetry Support + Thickness

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Published 3 months ago
Blender Version 4.1, 4.0
License Royalty Free
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