Procedural Signs

by Difffuse Studio in Modifier Setups

Step into the next generation of sign design with

We offer a unique and diverse toolkit, allowing you to add an incredible depth and detail to your settings, whether they're urban streetscapes, bustling commercial zones, or digital platforms.

Endless customization possibilities

Customize your scenes choosing between 6 different types of signs: from small LED panels to detailed neon signs. We offer a solution to add signs from images or text quickly and easily.

Sign types

Design high-definition neon signs that literally glow with character. Enter your text, cherry-pick your font, and tweak design elements with precision and ease. Their exceptional detail ensures they hold up flawlessly, even when captured in a close-up camera shot.

Ideal for vast outdoor expanses. Set up colossal billboards that dominate roadsides or grace building tops. It's simple: upload your image and refine the finer details to suit your aesthetic.

Illuminate your settings with vivid light signs. Import graphics or photos, then decide on the luminance – whether through sleek LED animations or classic bulbs.

Perfect for urban heartbeats and high-tech settings. Feature videos or images on pixel displays, adjusting features such as tilt and curvature for that perfect fit.

Suitable for brand promotions and store entrances. Combine text, shapes, and logos to create multifaceted signs. Experiment with materials, and spotlight them with tailor-made lighting solutions.

Compact but impactful! Design personalized messages, adjusting the speed, text hue, and background pixel colors for maximum effect.

Optimize option included

Neon signs have a high polygon count that can be optimized. After setting all the parameters to your preference, click on the “Optimize” button. Adjust the polygons based on your needs; often, they can be reduced to as low as 0.25 without compromising quality. Be cautious: once you select “Apply”, further modifications are not possible. Ensure you've finalized your configurations before committing.

Preset collection included

If you're in a hurry or seeking inspiration, dip into our curated collection of presets. This diverse range ensures you have a solid foundation to work from, allowing for quick edits and faster integration into your scenes.

Add your owns!

Merge, combine, or overlay different sign types, then store them in the preset tab. This means your custom masterpieces are ready for recall and reuse whenever you feel the need.

This pack includes:

  • Procedural Signs Add-on installer
  • Asset folder
  • Signs presets


In Eevee, there is a known issue that arises when enabling motion blur with Light Sign and Led Style signal types. The issue has been resolved in Cycles by simply disabling the “deformation” option within the object properties for motion blur.

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Published 11 months ago
Blender Version 4.0, 3.6
License GPL
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