Pose Folder

by Bookyakuno in Addons

Manage poses in hierarchical folders and lists, and load poses using pose mixes.

Unlike asset libraries based on thumbnail display, poses are managed with a compact UI.


  • Manage pose data in hierarchical folders.
  • Create a new pose of the selected bone as pose data.
  • Mix the pose data to the selected bone.
  • Adjust the pose mix amount by moving the mouse.
  • List the internals of external blend files, instantly mix poses, or partially import.
  • Support for poses managed in the asset library.
  • Management of actions data other than poses.

Pose List

Displays a list of poses (actions) in the current blend file.
Poses not created with this add-on can be made into assets (Mark as asset) and displayed in the list.

  • Overwrite pose
    • Overwrites the contents of the active pose item with the pose of the currently selected bones.
  • Add new pose
    • Saves the current pose of the selected bones as separate action data.
  • Delete pose
    • If multiple selections are made, the multiple selections will be deleted.
  • Flip option
    • Mix poses flipped on the X axis.


    Managing external blend files

    A simple file browser that displays a list of external blend files in a specified folder.

    You can list the actions in a blend file by clicking on the blend file name.
    Supports displaying folder hierarchies created by add-ons.



    Featured image 3D model : Ellie Pose Library by Blender Studio

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    Blender Version 3.6, 4.0
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