Parallax Mapping Shader

by Amin Missaoui in Surfacing


  • To use the shader, you will have to append the material called Parallax Material from the .blend file.
  • Once appended, you can add a custom name to it.
  • If you want to have multiple materials with the parallax effect, you need to re-append the material.
  • After you appended the material, to see the effects, make sure to add all the textures you require, and with the SampleHeightTexture node selected, press tab to change the height texture.
  • To use the triplanar mapping you need to use object coordinates, and change the mapping method of all the textures, including the height texture, from flat to box.
  • If you scale the UV input, you must account for that when playing with the alpha option for example, scaling the UV's by 2 will require you to set the alpha max to 2. (this may vary also on the x and y scale of the object or the type of object)
  • For object coordinates, the alpha min should be set to -1 or below if scaled.
  • Moving the object in edit mode can also change the result, as object coordinates are based on the object origin point.


If you decide to append multiple times the ParallaxMaterial, make sure you don't delete the SampleHeightNode as trying to re-add it later with multiple instances of the same node, can be confusing. 

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Blender Version 2.93
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