Old Buildings Apocalypse Hong Kong Inspired Kowloon Kitbash

by hknoblauch in Models

An example of the 3d buildings kit rendered (Train track not included)

Kit contents talk through:

This 3D pack contains:

- 7 different buildings, each with a different look and different detailing. The buildings are styled to "Old Hong Kong" specifically the Kowloon area

- a large amount of detailing including:

Air conditioning units (3 wall mount and one roof unit)

Electrical units & Power distribution boxes  (10 different types, different sizes)

electrical cabling and conduits ( 2 full, modular sets to build your own should you want to change the current layout)

doors ( 3 different Roller shutter industrial street-level doors, Sets with door access keypads, multi-layer detailing assets such as security gates with doors behind, roof detailing including AC unit, access hatch, power units, trunking, conduit trays, boards, lights and more.

Model formats supplied are:

Blender, Max, FBX

These files are:

1. the Set / scene as seen in the renders

2. The detailing assets separately - assuming you will want to use ti in future scenes it makes sense to neatly pack them in a separate file.

File organization:

All buildings are in separate, named collections. this makes import by collection easy.


All textures are in JPG format

Lastly, please leave feedback, i am happy to take suggestions.