Nitrox3d Track-2 Workflow

by Chipp Walters in Models


Have you ever seen those amazing addons for hard surface modeling? Have you wondered how their non-destructive features actually work? This is TRACK-2 of the NITROX3D course. It will give you insight into how the magic is done and get you checked out on using the Blender modifiers to create your own non-destructive models and products.

Check out the video below and the models and designs-- all built using the NITROX3D workflow.

Learn from the ground up how Blender modifiers are used to create complete and infinitely live editable products. This course has 3 new videos, each lesson squeezed into 10-20 minute video presentations, and included are all the source files, models, textures and even a KIT OPS KPACK library of correctly scaled connectors.

Each video comes in a large HD format, as well as a smaller 720p format. You choose which to download or stream.

So what is NITROX3D?

NITROX3D is the acronym used to refer to a collection of non-destructive techniques and strategies for creating HD (Hard Surface) models in Blender. The key part is this workflow uses zero non-destructive addons.

The acronym stands for:

Non-destructive Iterative Techniques for Rapid Object eXploration in 3D.

It is not intended to supplant or replace the unique workflows which other addons use for quickly creating non-destructive designs. It is more focused on real world products created by Industrial Designers and concept artists.

The NITROX3D workflow creates simple polygon geometry which when combined with the power of Blender’s modifier stack, provides fast and iterative parametric modeling-- and has the added advantage of being able to easily change the level of detail (number of polygons) for any object created.

More info on NITROX3D can be found at:

What’s included?

  • NITROX3D-02 (20 min) | ENCLOSURE BOX | We include all the video and source files from the free second YouTube video: Blender NITROX3D 02: enclosure box.

  • NITROX3D-03 (20 min) | CUSTOMIZE YOUR STARTUP SCENE | is a detailed explanation of the startup scene I work with, and includes the startup scene plus some textures from my Definitely EEVEE Materials System.

  • NITROX3D-04 (18 min) | MASTERING THE BEVEL MODIFIER | is an explanation of many of the tricks you can use with Blender’s bevel modifier to create the shapes and objects which make up your non-destructive product. All source files included.

  • NITROX3D-05 (15 min) | SONY HEADPHONE AMP BREAKDOWN | is a detailed walkthrough of the Sony headphone preamp model constructed entirely (including KIT OPS connectors) using the NITROX3D workflow.