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Lumos is an addon for  Blender 2.80 & more. This addon is create by Quentin “Eqkoss” Sanhes.

It aims to simplify the lighting workflow and bring together most of the lighting in the same place in Blender. Some features have been added to make the work more enjoyable.

Lumos is both a manager and editor.


Once Lumos is installed, you will find it in your N-Panel (press N to opden the panel). It will look like this:

As you can see, the signs are closed.

You will notice that Lumos is divided into 3 distinct parts. 
The Light Editor that will allow you to edit your lights from a popup.

- The Light Manager that will allow you to create your lights faster and will bring you some additional features (Target Aim, Look Through Light, Lock Light, …)

- The Light’s Settings will allow you to change the main settings of your lights.

Once it’s rolled out, the sign looks like that:

In the “Light Editor” section, you will find a button allowing you to display the popup menu of the light editor.

In the “Light Manager” section, you will find different features that will be detailed later.

Finally, in the last section, you will find a listing of your selected lights with their associated main settings.

By default the panel is closed, You must select a light so that it unfolds.


First, start by creating lights. This is possible via the light manager. To do this, simply create a “Point Light'', “Sun Light”, “SPot Light” or “Area Light” to create the corresponding light by clicking on the associated button.

The “WORLD” and “CURSOR” buttons allow you to define the position of the light when it is created. 

- If “WORLD” is selected, the light will be created at 0, 0, 0 in the center of the world.
- If “CURSOR” is selected, the light will be created at the position of your 3D cursor.

When creating your lights (Via the Lumos panel) they will be automatically stored in a “LIGHTS” collection.

This will be indicated in the Light’s Collection enumerator, which is located just below “LIGHT CREATOR” in the Lumos panel.

Through this enumerator you can choose your custom collection in order to stor your lights. If this is done before the creation of the lights, it will automatically fit into the chosen collection.

When lights are created, they will automatically be listed in the “Light list:” section below the “Show All” and “Hide All” buttons. It should look something like this:

In this example, several lights were created in different collections. You may notice that those ones are also separate in the Lumos listing.

As you can see, each lights have the same features:

From left to right:

The small camera allows you to see through your light and take control of it.Pressing the button one more time will allow you to return to normal view.

The small eye allows you to display or hide your light in the viewport and during the rendering.

The diamond allows you to isolate your lights. It hides all the lights in your scene except the one associated with the button. In order to display all the lights, just click on “Show All”.

Clicking on the name of your light allows you to select your light and make it active.

The cross lets you remove your lights (object and data). It also removes the associated target.

The padlock allows you to lock your light. It blocks the location, rotation and scale on all tree axes.

The dotted line allows you to create an Aim target. When creating your Target, if no collection is defined in “Target’s collection”, a TARGETS collection will be automatically created. As with the lights, you can choose your own collection or change it whenever you want.

The cross in the white circle, allows you to delete your Target Aim.


If you select a light, the menu “Light’s Settings” will run and give you enough to the main setting of your light. (Since Lumos 2.20, “Light’s settings” now display the “Max Bounces” settings of your light if render engine is Cycles and if Blender Version if more or egal to 2.92.0)

Several lights can be selected in order to be listed and to access their main settings more easily.

If one or more selected lights have a Target, it will be displayed in the settings.


Now that several lights are created, you can open the “Light Editor”. To do this, click the button in the Lumos > Lumos - Light Editor panel. A popup will appear containing all the lights of your scene.

By default 3 filters (Angle, Shape and Size) are activated to make the popup more digestible. You can enable or disable filters among existing filters to filter the settings displayed in your popup.

(Since Lumos 2.20, “Light Editor popup” now display the “Max Bounces” settings of your light if render engine is Cycles and if Blender Version if more or egal to 2.92.0)

Filters by type of lights are also available. Multiple types can be selected at the same time. (Left to Right: All type, Point, Sun, Spot, Area)

A search filter is also available. This allows you to filter the lights displayed in the popup by typing the name of the light.

This feature is not case sensitive. This means that it does not take into account upper or lower case.

This feature also takes into account the number filters.


To simplify the management of the light editor, a hotkey has been associated allowing you to invoke your popup from anywhere in your 3D View.

The shortcut is ctrl + ”

A hotkey has also been associated with the manager, again to allow you to simplify the task and not to have to return systematically in the panel on the right.

The shortcut is alt + “

If no light is selected, it allows you to invoke a pie menu allowing you to find the functions of creating lights:

If a light is selected, this same shortcut will allow you to invoke a pie menu that will give you access to the functionality of the light:


You can contact me at the following adress for any questions related to the addon or to propose features.


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