Lightning Tools

by Joey Carlino in Models

Updated 3-18-2022
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This contains 3 separate lightning tools

  1. Electricity Arc Generator (geometry nodes)

  2. Lightning Strike Generator (geometry nodes)

  3. Animated Lightning / Electricity Models (modifiers)

Electricity Arc Generator

Make electricity shoot out of your objects and attach to things nearby.
Just select the object you want the electricity to come from, and what you want it to be attracted to, the rest is automated.
There are many options for changing how the electricity looks and acts.
Directions are available in the blend file.

Lightning Strike Generator

Make lightning strikes easily by drawing with a curve or using a mesh.
The animation is driven with a single slider, so you don't need to fuss around with keyframing.
There are many options for customizing your lightning, like size, shape and complexity.
Directions are available in the blend file.

Animated Lightning / Electricity Models

This is the first iteration of my experiments with lightning, made in Blender version 2.90.
It isn't as robust or customizable as the ones made with geometry nodes, but it is still fun to play with and I want to keep it available to download.

Instructional video for the Animated Lightning / Electricity Models 2.90 verison:

If you would rather make it yourself for free, check out this tutorial:
Electricity Arc Generator:
Lightning Strike Generator:
Animated Lightning / Electricity Models:

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Published about 2 years ago
Blender Version 2.9, 3.1
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