Introduction To Blender Animation Tools

by Pixcimation in Training

Learn to animate using Blender, the free and open source 3D creation suite! 

This course contains over 3.5 hours of training spread over 36 videos, all designed to get you comfortable using the tools and resources within Blender that you can use for animating. We cover the process for installing and working within the application. Then, we review the principles of computer animation and take an in-depth look at Blender's animation editors and tools that can be used to create your animation. Finally, we look at methods for importing reference audio and video and rendering tests of your work.

When you're done with this course, you will have a solid understanding of how to use Blender to create your animation!

Course Outline:

1:15  Introduction

2:32  Installing Blender

3:02  Splash Screen and Interface

1:26  Files

5:18  User Preferences

5:26  Link and Append

1:24  Simplifying the Scene

7:19  Custom User Interface Setup

7:59  Frames, Keyframes, Interpolation, and Frame Rate

3:47  3D View: Overview

3:06  3D View: Navigation

3:08  3D View Editor: Pose Interaction Mode

2:18  3D View: X Y Z Coordinates

8:11  3D View: Select and Transpose

8:18  3D Cursor, Origins, and Pivot Points

10:23  Timeline Editor

2:45  Markers

17:05  Dope Sheet Editor

8:03  Setting Keyframes Manually

6:13  Setting Keyframes Automatically

15:33  Graph Editor: Introduction

8:18  Graph Editor: Function Curves

7:12  Graph Editor: Handles

4:38  Graph Editor: Extrapolation and Modifiers

11:28  NLA Editor

6:05  Copy, Paste, and Paste X-Flipped Poses

2:42  Visual Keying

6:15  Constraints

3:51  Ghost

7:12  Motion Paths

6:48  Grease Pencil

3:44  In-Between Tools

3:38  Pose Library

6:43  Using Video Reference

4:36  Using Audio Reference

3:53  Rendering

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Published about 6 years ago
Blender Version 2.79
Length 3
License Editorial
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