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Update - Realease log:

21 february 2024
  • first  IKEA Library collection release with 1400 3d assets
  • category ready for asset browser: bedroom, children, decorations, lamps, seatings, storages and tables.
 Update 1 - 04 march 2024
  • release 86 new assets
  • add new category in children: child games
  • add new category in lamps: spotlight, wall light, lanterns and candles
 Update 2 -  18 march 2024
  • add new category bathroom
  • accessories, faucets, furniture and laundry
  • release 152 new assets
 Update 3 -  2 april 2024
  • integration category decorations
  • clocks, doormats, hooks, plant stand, vases
  • release 99 new assets
 Update 4 -  22 april 2024
  • second integration category decorations
  • varied and cushions
  • release 118 new assets
 Update 5 - 05 may 2024
  • last decorations integrations
  • frames and mirrors
  • release 111 new assets
 Update 6 - 21 may 2024
  • kitchen category integration
  • cookware, pot, kitchen faucets, mug and cup, plates, table set
  • release 167 new assets
 Update 7 - 07 june 2024
  • storages, wall shelves, bedroom headboard, shoe cabinets, bags and bin trash.
  • release 135 new assets
  • now more than 2300 models
  • see the image gallery for updates details
 Update 8 - june 2024
  • kitchen utensils, tray and varied

IKEA Asset Library is a collection of the main IKEA furniture pieces.

these are over 1400 low poly models suitable for virtual tours, VR, real time graphics, fast rendering.

The renderings in the gallery are made with these models.

in the asset browser the models are sorted and divided into various categories, to facilitate use and easily find the assets.

Add models to your scenes easily, thanks to the asset browser.

The most complete collection of 3D models of IKEA product!

With future updates the library will have over 2000 models.

In the next update the categories of: office, outdoor will be added and the decorations, storages, child, bedroom, table, and lamps sections will be integrated.

IKEA is a library that will grow over time, update packages with new models will be released about twice a month.

The collection will include the main IKEA furniture products. You can furnish and decorate any space without the need for other asset library.

IKEA Asset Library include the main series and product names such as Besta and Lack (living room), Trofast and Smastad (children), Galant (office: soon in the next updates), Idanas (bedroom) and other assets for kitchen, outdoor furniture (coming soon in the next updates), lamps, laundry, storage and many other decorative products.
Check the image gallery with the released updates.

In the asset browser you can search models by material, colour, category, product name and size.

discover the other collections for the asset browser!

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Published 4 months ago
Blender Version 4.0, 3.6, 3.5, 3.4, 3.3, 3.2
Render Engine Used Cycles
Misc Data Uvs-Unwrapped, Textured
License Royalty Free
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