Hr Drone

by Nika Zautashvili in Models

HR Drone (Concept art project files)

You can find higher res renders here:

Package contains:

- Blender file (model (rigged), light and camera setups for 9 shots, ready to render).

- Photoshop post-process files (with fully non-destructive smart filters and adjustments layers for easy study).

- Marvelous Designer 9 files.

Important notes (PLEASE READ BEFORE BUY):

- Project created and tested with 2.83 LTS blender version.

- This project can not be rendered with Optix due to usage of bevel and ambient occlusion nodes (which is not supported by Optix at the moment). You’ll need to switch to CUDA or CPU rendering (Edit - Preferences - System - Cycles Render Device).

- EEVEE does not support bevel/AO shader as well, so this project is not optimized to final rendering with EEVEE. You can still have pretty decent preview in the viewport even without bevel shader though.

- This is a concept art project. This is not “game-ready” model.

- Textures and images are packed into .blend file. You can unpack them (File - External Data - Unpack All into Files).

- This is not a tutorial. This is project files for personal study (you need to know your way around blender to do it).

- Final color correction done in Photoshop 2020, you’ll need it to open included PSD files.

- Marvelous Designer 9 required to open included MD files.

- 7z archive is divided into parts. You need to download all of them and unpack (you can use, for example, 7zip (

I hope it will be useful for you! Have a great one!