How To Create A Stylized Head In Blender

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  • Charley
    over 1 year ago

    I really love how Danny tackles all the problems beginners can have when sculpting a head for the first time.
    I was quickly able to obtain a face that actually looks like a face, and a cute one ^^
    He gives really good advices that allow us to understand why we're doing things in a particular way.
    To react to the comment above, I've done a ton of free / paid courses, and this is the first time I see a course as detailed as this one. Having all the models we should have step by step is a big plus. When you know there is something wrong but you don't know where it is (and it happens A LOT) you just compare it to the 3d reference and voila ^^
    At this time this is in my top 2 paid courses on sculpting.

    • Danny Mac

      over 1 year ago

      Really appreciate the kind words Charley :) Hope your sculpting is progressing nicely!

  • Franck Dupas
    over 1 year ago

    Compared to an free tutorial that I have seen in Youtube from TomCAT this tutorial is very expensive. In Youtube, TomCAT propose a totally free tutorial with references of the model to create and he explains how to create it totally from scratch until the end with UV, textures and rigging. And it is a full stylized character from the head to the feet. I also must say that compared to other tutorials that I have bought on the Blender Market, like the tutorial from CG Master and CG Cookie, this tutorial is much too expensive and it isn't very well organized like them with clear chapters, etc. I would never pay 75$ again for such a tutorial. I think that this tutorial shouldn't cost more than 30$.

    For example, the Creating 3D Environnments from CG Master is 15$ cheaper and it is much more organized and complete with a book of 123 pages and more than 30 hours of lessons to create professional environnments.

    Here is the link for the Creating 3d Environnments, take a look :

    • Danny Mac

      over 1 year ago

      Hi Franck,

      Sorry to hear you were not happy with the tutorial. I do think this course offers something that no other course offers out there, which is 3D reference material. 3D references are far superior to 2D references because they allow you to see the reference at precisely the angle you need. They allow you to rotate around the reference rather than see it from a static angle. You are also able to use the references to very precisely check your own work, at each key stage of the project, something I've never seen in any other course

      However, if you prefer 2d references, There are a total of 208 reference images too, 26 for each key shape in the course. I just noticed a private message you sent asking for references, did you miss these?

      I'm am sorry you didn't get what you wanted from the course and that you thought it was expensive, but I dedicated 2 years to putting the steps together in a clear and concise way. I'm quite surprised you describe the course as being not well organised as being organised is precisely what this course prides itself on, and I recieve messages on a regular basis from customers thanking me for providing such a well organised course. Here are but a few:

      "I finished the course once and it is really good, you explain things very good and it’s really easy to understand and learn with you!
      I watched hours of tutorials before buying your course and could not sculpt a beautiful character but now I feel like in 4 hours I made huge improvements!"

      "I love your course so far. I’m on shape 5 at the moment. Will finish all steps then try and do them all again a couple of times. I did the first step 4 times since I thought that was the trickiest thus far.
      Just want to say that I love how detailed you are in your instructions, it makes it easy to follow and to understand WHY you do certain things. Most tutorials I’ve followed only do stuff without explaining why, and that is very annoying."

      "I just wanted to reach out and say this course has been fantastic! I tried two other ZBrush/sculpting courses before this and had a really hard time. They both mainly focused on how to use the software, but the actual sculpting was just timelapse footage with some light commentary. There's a huge gap between "here are the brushes and what they do" and "here's how to use them effectively to achieve particular results" (wtf that's the hard part!!) Your course has done a really excellent job of filling in that gap, and I'm finally starting to feel comfortable with digital sculpting."

      "Hey Danny, the course is great. I’m struggling to adjust after spending 13 years in Maya, but I’ll get there :D
      I don’t think you could do a single thing differently to make it any better."

      "I just completed the sculpting portion of the course, and I’m very happy with the results! I’ve followed you on YouTube for a while, and I learned about this course from another YouTuber who highly recommended it. It was worth every penny. With the sculpting done, I’m moving onto the retopology lessons next."

      The course is something I have dedicated a lot of time and effort to and find it a real shame that it didn't work out for you and you have decided to leave such negative feedback. I sincerely hope the best for you in the future and that you give the course another chance. I truly believe if you commit to the steps with patience and dedication it will really help progress your skills in stylized character sculpting in the long run.


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