Meshmachine Plugs - Hard Surface Tertiary Details

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Imagine a world... where you can detail a model similar to using alphas in Zbrush BUT keep clean topology in the process. Well I am happy to tell you that meshMachine allows for this. No longer will you painstakingly remodel the same details over and over. Simply have a library of all your favorite tertiary details and stamp them on your mesh with the click of a button. You can now focus your time on what really matters in hard surface modeling -  Your primary and secondary forms!

Coming from a vfx/film production background, it is always important to maintain clean topology on your models. Because of this, adding tertiary detail to your models in a production environment can be extremely time consuming. With this plug set you will receive an extensive library of multipurpose tertiary hard surface plugs/decals to help you take your models to the next level. All plugs have clean subD topology and UVs thus cutting out the process of retopology and unwrapping.


-All plugs have optimized subD topology which means you can increase the resolution as needed. This means they can be used in a subD workflow or in a non-subD workflow.
-If you are using non-subD then simply give the plug a subdivision or two before inserting.
-If you are using the plugs for subD modeling then a small amount of cleanup after the insert will generally be required.  Usually disabling "contain" in the meshMachine pop-up options makes cleaning the surrounding topology easier and faster.

1) Install latest meshMachine addon
2) Drop the contents of the plugs folder into your meshMachine asset library which is usually is found here:
C:\Users\user\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\3.2\scripts\addons\MESHmachine\assets\Plugs
3) open meshMachine plugs library in blender (by pressing "Y" in the 3d viewport) to view your plugs.

DecalMachine conversion of plugs can be found here:

BONUS: This library will be updated over time as I create and add more plugs.
-The idea behind this library is to develop a kit that will cover any kind of hard surface detailing you will ever need. I plan to eventually develop this into an even larger kit that will cover all bases when it comes to adding tertiary detail to your models. 

Info: For more information on the use of meshMachine and plugs please see:


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