2300 Gobos V2.3 - 2K/4K/8K Textures + Projectors

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The largest GOBOS textures library!

2300 GOBOS V2.3 is a spectacular library of 2300 textures in square 2K/4K/8K designed to produce highly realistic shadows for your scenes. Create dynamic and visually appealing renders today! Optimized for Cycles, Asset Browser ready and fully customizable!


Spectacular collection of assets from the following categories: Bokeh, Creased, Plants - Exotic, Grass, Houseplants, Leaves, Ornamental, Trees, Windows, Ground - Gravel, Snow, Soil, Street and Abstract, Patterns, Caustics, Disco, Stars, Clouds, Fog, Lightning, Rain, Snow.
All Blender versions - The textures have the .jpg format and work with all Blender versions
Texture projectors are already set up for each of the 2300 gobos and are ready to use, complete with node setups
Fully customizable - you can individually customize each texture/spot by modifying its location, rotation, scale, color, light intensity, spot size, softness, etc.
Volumetric light ray effect - using the right setup, light rays can become visible and create a realistic atmosphere! 
Animate the textures yourself by easily modifying spot parameters
Asset Browser - already marked as assets, simply drag and drop into the scene - the Asset Browser part only works for Blender 3.0 and up. No add-on required
Cycles - renders only in Cycles (Viewport Shading - Rendered)
Resolutions - 2K - 2048x2048/4K - 4096x4096/8K - 8192x8192
Can also be used as normal textures!
Save resources, save time!


What's new in V2.3?

2000 GOBOS become 2300 GOBOS as 300 more 2K/4K/8K light & shadow textures have been added, complete with node setups!

v2 - Bokeh, Creased, Plants and Windows categories added - 1000 assets
v2.1 - Ground category was added - 300 assets
v2.2 - Abstract and Patterns categories added - 700 assets

4/9/2024 - 2K GOBOS Lite variation added - it contains 100 2K GOBOS assets (5%), from all categories! 

v2.3 -  Caustics, Disco, Stars, Clouds, Fog, Lightning, Rain, Snow categories added - 300 assets

4/17/2024 - 15 more 2K GOBOS added to the 2K GOBOS Lite variation - it contains 115 2K GOBOS assets now, from all categories! Asset Browser view below:

2K GOBOS Lite v2.3 - 115 assets

2300 GOBOS Updates

V2.3 Update

V2.2 Update

V2.1 Update

V.2 Update

What is a gobo?

A texture that gets projected onto a scene with the help of a light source - projector. 

Why use gobos?

Use gobos to add visual complexity and realism to your scene. 

How to use gobos?

Easy! Simply add them to the Asset Browser (see Youtube video tutorial), then click and drag them to the scene. Control every aspect of the gobos! Blur, stretch, rotate, change the color, change the light intensity, repeat/extend/mirror the texture, zoom, etc. 
The image files can also be used as normal textures by using the right node setup.


Bokeh refers to the characteristics of depth blur created by a camera lens. The out-of-focus area of the image is reduced to different shapes determined by the lens used to capture the image. Bokeh turns plain and boring backgrounds into eye-catching marvels. They can be projected on/behind the subject of the render or displayed on their own to achieve different effects. This category consists of 9 base shapes: circle, star, decagon, octagon, hexagon, pentagon, diamond, square and triangle with variations such as impurities, softness, dimensions, edge fringing, brightness, color, position, perspective. 
Creases change the appearance of a flat area, adding texture in the form of soft/sharp angles, points or bends without you having to waste time on modelling the surface. Creased surfaces show us how time and space left its mark on them. They convey movement, touch, emotion. Create a narrative, tell a story! Ranging from relaxed to edgy, creased textures can simulate anything from crumpled fabric to rock formations. 


Adding plants to a scene is the simplest way of adding realism, of breathing life into your work. Set the tone and mood. Creating your own nature assets is a tedious process and nothing compares to gobos of real life plantsEasily mimic the dappled sunlight effect by adding a natural and dynamic ambience to your scenes. Choose from an assortment of leaves, grass & weeds, houseplants, ornamentals, trees & branches, exotics.
Tired of modeling windows, but would like to include them in your renders somehow? Look no further! You have 20 base models at your disposal, with designs ranging from modern to classic, with variations like: rain & snow, grates & grilles, blinds & shades, dirty/frosted, plants & houseplants, stained glass.


Ground is the new addition to GOBOS V2.1! 300 unique assets from real life urban areas ranging from gravel, rocks, dirt, ice and snow, garden soil, vegetation to pristine/decayed/cracked asphalt and concrete.


A new category added to GOBOS V2.2! Designs made of all sorts of geometric shapes, such as: circle, star, decagon, octagon, hexagon, pentagon, diamond, square and triangle and more.


An assortment of seamless textures added to GOBOS V2.2! Featuring patterns such as: polka dots, plaid and the breathtaking kaleidoscope. 

Volumetric lighting

The sure way of creating atmospheric effects such as GOD RAYS. Simply put, the 2D texture becomes 3D! By using the right setup, light rays can become visible and create truly immersive environments! We have such an example below. Inside a Black_cube, the texture is projected on a Plane. Between the Plane and the creased_1.87 projector we have another cube, named Principled_volume, that has a...you guessed...a Principled Volume node! Adjusting the characteristics of the Principled Volume node creates these amazing effects! Try it yourself!




Creative uses

The .zip archive contains:

- 2300 .jpg textures in 2K/4K/8K
- .blend files (2300 texture projectors with node setups)
- license information

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The gates depicted in this scene were made using 100 Decorative Wall Panels. Link below

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