2300 Gobos V2.3 - 2K/4K/8K Textures + Projectors

by gen.mock in Surfacing

The biggest GOBOS texture library!

2300 GOBOS v2.3 is a spectacular library of 2300 projected textures in square 2K/4K/8K designed to produce highly realistic shadows for your scenes. Create dynamic and visually appealing renders today! Optimized for Cycles, Asset Browser ready and fully customizable! 

Drag and drop assets from the following categories: Bokeh, Creased, Plants - Exotic, Grass, Houseplants, Leaves, Ornamental, Trees; Windows, Ground - Gravel, Snow, Soil, Street; Abstract, Patterns, Caustics, Disco, Stars, Clouds, Fog, Lightning, Rain, Snow.

What is a gobo?

A texture that gets projected onto a scene with the help of a light source - projector. Use gobos to add visual complexity and realism to your scenes. 

How to use gobos?

Add them to the Asset Browser, then click and drag them to the scene. Adjust the color, stretch, rotation, blur, intensity, zoom, repeat/extend/mirror the texture, etc. Easy setup, easy to use! No add-on needed. No need for complicated, time-consuming setups! Just drag and drop!

GOBOS got UPDATED to v2.3

What's new in v2.3?

v2.3 -  Caustics, Disco, Stars, Clouds, Fog, Lightning, Rain, Snow categories added - 300 assets
v2.2 - Abstract and Patterns categories added - 700 assets
v2.1 - Ground category was added - 300 assets
v2 - Bokeh, Creased, Plants and Windows categories added - 1000 assets

2300 GOBOS Updates

v2.3 Update

v2.2 Update

v2.1 Update

v2 Update

The .zip archive contains

- 2300 .jpg textures in 2K/4K/8K
- .blend files (2300 texture projectors with node setups)
- license information

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The gates and grates in this scene were made using 100 Wall Panels

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