Ghost Matter

by Picto Filmo in Addons

Eddie robot model "Original asset created by Paul Braddock, licensed by The Rookies."

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What it is ?

Ghost Matter is a blender addon for mixing materials using a dedicated node editor. The materials to mix doesn't need a specific configuration, all kind of materials are compatibles.

In Ghost Matter, you'll find all the blender standard material nodes except for those about shaders.You'll also find material mix nodes and tool nodes.

Check out our documentation and videos to know more about it:

Online Documentation

Note: this doc is accessible from the addon UI

For beginners the templates menu gives some basics setups:

Bake to Textures:

Ghost Matter has a extremely effective and universal texture export tool:

how the baker tool works:


Ghost Matter Tools:

Ghost Matter offer some additional tools like:

  • Decals projection:

  • Texture baking to image or vertex colors:

  • etc..

Next Steps:

Short term

  • New procedural smart masks
  • Procedural materials nodes
  • Texture based materials nodes
  • Texture based smart masks

Mid term

  • Motion design nodes
  • Stencil paint tool
  • Dynamic masks
  • Animated masks

Long term

  • All Smart Masks to Image texture Tool

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Published about 1 month ago
Blender Version 4.2, 4.1
License GPL
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