Geo Node Quick Forest Environment

by Enormous in Modifier Setups

Geo Node Quick Forest Environment is a powerful procedural setup that lets you create an amazing-looking forest within seconds. You just need to add a ground and apply the geometry node setup. Easy-to-use interface, get a new forest with a single click. This forest includes trees, grasses, and rocks. You can replace the assets with your own. There are 3 types of grasses small, medium, and big. 2 types of rocks, and 1 type of tree. The setup is pretty simple, i have distributed the assets on a landscape created with the A.N.T. Landscape and added the geometry node setup onto it.

Create a day forest or a night forest by changing the light. 

Key Features:
  • Fully customizable with few clicks.
  • You can change the density, scale, and randomness. There are 2 values for scale minimum and maximum.
  • The distribution is based on a noise texture you can adjust texture scale and randomness.
  • You can replace the assets with your own and create your own version of the forest.
  • There are 3 grass setups, you can replace one with bushes. 
  • 2 rock setups and 1 tree setup.
  • The node setup is marked as assets so you have it in your assets browser.

The easy-to-use values and parameters in the modifier allow you to build as per your imagination as far as you can think.

A day and night forest to a fantasy and magical Harry Potter forest. Just the example of creativity you can go beyond this.

Adjust tree density and scale, seed will randomize the forest for you. You can change the z rotation. Depending on your system you can increase or decrease the tree density or replace it with a more low poly one.Every asset has a decimate modifier on it for smoother viewport performance.

There are 2 rock setups available one is small and one is big. You can replace the small one with bushes or as you may see fit. This is also customizable the parameters of every asset are the same.

For replacing any assets you remove it from the modifier and pick the new assets with the eye dropper or you can select it from a list. Make sure the assets you are replacing are not too heavy in geometry otherwise, the blender will freeze. Try to use less dense geometry assets or decrease the density before replacing the assets so you don't face any lag or freezing.

The modifier with all the values. First, we are the main object, under that you can find the density value don't overdo it for trees especially. For grass, you can go as high as your system can handle. Then we get minimum and maximum scale. After the scale, you can find the seed value which is the random option you can quickly change the look of the entire forest with this one click. Then you find the z rotation that it randomizes you can change the value to turn the object on the axis randomly for the desired look. The last 2 options are distribution texture randomness and its scale. The texture used in that is a noise texture.

Here is the node setup pretty much all are the same just the assets different and values are based on the assets. The node group names are similar to the assets so if you replace the assets the name on node group won't change.

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