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Discover the ultimate Blender learning experience with the Blender Fundamentals Bundle, an all-inclusive compilation of essential courses meticulously crafted by CG Cookie. Unveil the depths of Blender's capabilities and elevate your skills through a comprehensive journey encompassing:

What you'll learn

This bundle represents a synergy of expertise from acclaimed instructors Kent Trammell, Jonathan Lampel, Wayne Dixon, and Paul Caggegi. Dive into eight carefully curated CG Cookie courses to master every facet of Blender seamlessly. By acquiring the entire bundle, not only do you cover all the bases of your Blender education, but you also enjoy a discounted rate compared to individual purchases.

3D Mesh Modeling

Together, we’ll cover all of the most used Blender tools and settings you will use for all of your next Blender 3D modeling projects.

But what's just as important -- we'll help you understand the fundamental ideas behind these tools and settings, so you’ll know exactly why you're using them and make smart workflow choices for all your projects.

Digital Sculpting

Digital sculpting is a form of 3D modeling that aims to emulate traditional clay sculpting. Compared to polygon modeling, which is sometimes referred to as “pushing and pulling vertices”, sculpting is far more artistically intuitive. This makes it an ideal technique for creating organic models, be it characters in blender or creatures.

Materials & Shading

After you’ve created your 3D Blender models and added some lighting, the next step is to apply materials and create shaders or Blender Materials. 

Shading is one of the key pillars of computer graphics. 

Knowing how to do it well will improve every render you make, whether it’s realistic or stylized, whether you're making characters in blender or kit bashing models, working on hard surface modeling, most of the things you do in 3D will benefit from building great materials.


As we delve into texturing mapping in Blender, we'll guide you step-by-step through digestible lessons. With hands-on exercises peppered throughout, you'll grasp each concept with ease.

By the end of the course you'll understand how to use Blender to add a texture to a model. 


If you’ve already seen Blender modeling tutorials and modeled an object, the next step is to show it off!

Just like a photographer choosing which qualities of a subject to emphasize, be it in characters in Blender or hard surface models, your task with lighting is to bring out the best in whatever it is that you’ve created. In this course about the fundamentals of digital lighting, we’re going to look at how light works, how it’s simulated in Blender, and how you can use it to make your 3D models, blender animations, and any project look amazing.


Rigging = creating the controls and deformation structure to animate a 3d Blender model

Yes, it is a technical art, which is scary to a lot of people. So in this course, we'll start at the start...and go step by step.  You will learn all about bones and all the tools you will need to place them where you need them. 

You will also learn about parenting, space, the armature modifier, blender key shortcuts and I will explain almost all of the bone constraints there are in Blender.


Here's what we'll cover in this series of Blender tutorials for beginners in animation:

  • keyframes and channels interpolation
  • your animation timeline
  • graph editor and dope sheet

Mostly, you will learn how to animate objects and armatures (and the difference between the two).


Modifiers are like a set of virtual tools that can be applied to your 3D objects to perform a wide range of operations, from simple transformations to complex procedural effects. They provide a means to streamline your creative process, enhance your modeling capabilities, and achieve intricate results with ease.

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced 3D artist, understanding how Blender's modifiers work is essential for creating stunning and adaptable 3D content. In this exploration, we will delve deeper into the world of Blender's modifiers, uncovering their functionality, applications, and the creative possibilities they offer.

Embrace the opportunity to expand your skills and unlock the full potential of Blender with the Blender Fundamentals Bundle.

Who we are

CG Cookie is a small bootstrapped crew, founded on a laptop during a morning train ride commute, passionate about helping you succeed with Blender. We don't grow by mass funding, we grow by helping you.

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