Flipbook 3D 4.0 Latest Version New Update

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FLIPBOOK 3D 4.0 is the latest version, & it is the Blender addon that helps you create realistic FLIPBOOKS either vertically or horizontally within 2 mins. This is the latest update of the addon at this time there are more and more extreme features added in this latest update. They listed below one by one.




In this map, you can understand everything to do first, as you know you are to save the file and reset it, as in the previous update after saving & resetting you were uploading the video directly, in this latest update you are to create FLIPBOOK with chosen FLIPBOOK pages and Hands, like how many pages of FLIPBOOK you want, there are 100, 200, 400 & 600 pages with both types Vertically and Horizontally and there are 5 hands some are male hands and some are female hands.

Upload a Video

Uploading a video, as in the previous updates after saving & resetting you were uploading video directly without appending or creating any FLIPBOOK, when you are thinking or selecting a video to upload it will show you there some options, like the Speed of the Video and Offset of the video, and when you selected a video then it will show you all frames are in the video you selected.

Adding Effects

Then the Effects, effects are the same but some changes and some modifications we done in this latest update. After adding an effect on the FLIPBOOK there will be some options about effects that you want to change the strength, value, factor, highlight, etc Then just click to add an effect to your video.

Camera Setup

When you are done with these 3 steps Saving & Resetting, Uploading Video, and Adding Effect, you are to move to camera setup just click on Camera Setup and then set the camera as you want you can locate and rotate the camera whenever you want.

Add Background

After setting up the camera you will just move to Background as it is showing a green color to your FLIPBOOK background you can choose your own image or video to set as background.

Add Sound

Getting finished you can add sound but the sound format must be in a .mp3 file, you can hear the sound by pressing the Spacebar button on the keyboard.

Set Your Resolution

In the end, it is the last option to make your FLIPBOOK perfect is the Resolution of the FLIPBOOK Video, you can add your own ratio of the video like 1280×720, 720×1280, 1980×1080, 1080×1920.

Rendering Video

Click on the RENDER FLIPBOOK button it will ask you to give a name to your FLIPBOOK video, then just click on OK to render your Final FLIPBOOK VIDEO.

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Blender Version 4.0
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