by TheArmatureWitch in Models

Introducing the Flail Rig – Your Ultimate Animation and Texturing Practice Companion!

Elevate your animation skills with my versatile Flail rig designed for practice, experimentation, and seamless integration into both game engines and animation shorts.

Key Features:

**Realistic Movement:** Experience lifelike flail dynamics that respond to your animations with precision.

**Texture-Ready:** Perfect your texturing skills on this meticulously crafted model, offering ample surfaces for creative exploration.

 **Game Engine Integration:** Seamlessly import the Flail rig into your game projects, adding a dynamic and engaging element to your virtual worlds.

 **Animation Shorts:** Unleash your storytelling prowess by incorporating the Flail rig into your animation shorts. Bring scenes to life with dynamic and captivating motion.

Published 6 months ago
Blender Version 4.0
Misc Data Rigged
License Creative Commons
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