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The EVC (editing vertex color) addon was designed to be handy tool for more technical side of vertex color works. If you use VC for masking your material instructions, or for whatever else you need, and you feel pain to manage VC with default Blender Vertex Paint toolset because it was not designed for your tasks - this addon may be helpful for you.


FG Tools Git page (try it before you buy it, also here my other addons)

EVC Git Wiki page (more detailed description)

EVC Blender Artists (for feedback/discussions)

EVC YouTube Video (video manual with me showing each feature usage)

Key addon features (in version 1.0):

It work in Mesh Edit mode so no need to switch to Vertex Paint. Main operator lets you to Set/Add/Subtract VC values on specific channels for selected mesh in single/multi objects editing.

- It has it’s own vertex color picker tool which, unlike default Blender color picker, look inside mesh data and pick not screen pixels color, but actual vertex color values.

- It has advanced masking options (in compare to Vertex Paint mode) so allow to do more advanced VC editing.

Set/Add/Subtract tool also has Randomizer which allow you to randomize vertex color values depending on mode per Loop (face corner)/ Vertex/Face/Element (part of a mesh separated from other parts)

- It has it’s own Select Similar operator for vertex colors (Blender has lot of possible “select similar” options but not for vertex color).

- In addition you have Move/Copy/Swap, Multiply+Power and Invert tools for VC values editing.

- It has it’s own color palette in cases you need to use often some very specific color values.

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