Fauna For Blender Vol. I: Mammals

by Radu Coto in Models

Fauna Update Pack 1 released!

Blender is no doubt a great 3D package and by far my personal favorite. After all, it is very easy to learn, understand and use, has top notch modelling tools, is by far the most customizable 3D software out there and is unbeaten in terms of high quality procedural meshes it offers out of the box, from gears, screws, pipes and architectural elements, to mathematically generated surfaces and primitives.

There is one feature I was ever missing: except for our Suzanne, it lacks any organic mesh whatsoever. And this is where "Fauna for Blender" comes to the rescue. The first volume, " Mammals" brings a copious collection of 70 advanced base meshes, conveniently placed in the Add menu, split into eight categories.

Here is the complete list of models: https://virtualreality.brussels/fauna-for-blender

Registered users will receive free upgrades of 5 new and unique mammals/month, up to a total of 100.

Every mesh comes with a clean and meaningful topology, UV-layout and rig. Moreover, in order to get you started as efficient as possible, every mesh has a non-destructive contrast/muscle definition blendshape for quick tweaking and an advanced utility for advanced tweaking.

Creating base mesh variations is a very easy process. The advanced feature, called Fauna utility, offers a much more in depth tweaking possibilities. A comprehensive list of controllers can be used to variate individual details, like e.g. the thickness of a thigh or the shape of an ear. The symmetry is independent of the pose and can be turned on and off.

Fauna utility integrates a plethora of tools for ease of use, like reset pose, hide and reveal bones, categories of bones or whole rigs, hide and reveal meshes, quick switches for weight painting and posing.


Because of it's deep integration with Blender's native environment, Fauna can use modifiers, blend shapes, sculpting etc. without losing the rig. As such it can be used in the same time by a whole team: while the sculpting artist is detailing the base mesh, the texture artist can paint it and the animator can do their magic.

The next volume of Fauna is already in planning. It will contain a copious amount of reptilians and amphibians.

This team of one wishes you a happy blending!

Update Pack 1

This is a free update for every registered user ( indie or studio license).  It will contain 12 new mammals: heroic man model, Indian flying fox, maned wolf, anteater, fenec fox, ocapi, platypus, sloth, markhor plus 3 other mammals. In addition to that, all animals have now eyes.

Fauna Utility received an update as well: lighting can be interactively set up for Eevee as well, the tweakers list is now also dynamically populated and there is a new function which allows users to align objects to bones.

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