Edit Face

by safa güzel in Addons

What' it doing?

Edit Face brings together tools to help you while

working on face in your daily work.

Easily edit on face.

When Edit Face Mode is on, you can call the Edit Face PieMenu with the "Alt+R" shortcut.

How it working?

After selecting the face you want to work on in Edit mode, you can activate the "Edit Face Mode".


Overlay Buttons

Select tools automatically when the mouse is hovering. 

Align Edges

Make the selected 2 edges parallel.

Align Vertex

Parallelize selected vertices.

Make Circle

Create a circle using the selected vertices.

Equalize Edge Length

Make the lengths of selected 2 edges equal

Auto Isolate Object

When Edit Face Mode is turned on, hide other objects in the scene except the active object.

Auto Isolate Mesh

When Edit Face Mode is turned on, hide other faces of the active object except the selected face.

+ Edit face mode makes the viewport view angle perpendicular to the face you want to work with.

To change the shortcut: preferences>keymap>3D View>Object Mode Global

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Published about 2 months ago
Blender Version 4.1, 4.0
License GPL
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