Designer Tools "Variations Bundle"

by Wilphi Design in Addons

Get the power of all Designer Tools Add-ons combined in themes bundles, or just get them all at once to save yourself some money over getting each product on its own.

As we add more add-ons more bundles will be available for you.

The Variants Bundle is your pick if you want to switch between different kinds of variants. The Collection Variants and the Variant Lister Pro as well as the Mesh Variants work really well together and will greatly improve your workflow. Set up variants for object transformations and visibility, for viewport view points and quickly toggle between one or multiple collections. Check these videos to get an idea of what the add-ons do:

Collection Variants

Variant Lister Pro

Mesh Variants

Quickly save the current state of your model as a "Mesh Variant" and continue working on your original mesh. Setup multiple variants of your model and switch between them to try out different directions.

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Published about 2 years ago
Blender Version 3.1, 3.0
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