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by Chipp Walters in Models

Update 3/31/2024

We now host our files on a network server which makes it easy to download individual files, selected groups of files, or all the files. We are continually adding to the files and you may want to sort by modified date to see if you have missed some of the newer uploads.

Update 9/2/2021: New version of DM INSERTS: DESIGN-MAGIC_Masterfolder-V1.1

Update: Small bug fix for the addon. 

PLEASE NOTE the addon is now called ""

So that's the addon you'll need to install in prefs. If you have the old version installed, please UNINSTALL it.

DESIGN MAGIC works with KIT OPS 2 PRO or KIT OPS FREE. PRO is recommended.

Hey Everyone, Chipp here with a new product I think you’ll find very interesting!

You probably will want to check out this video to learn more:

You may have heard, I’ve been working on this toolset for months and months and I’m finally ready to release it.

I’ve been working on building a non-destructive modeling workflow for years now. Many of you know my NITROX3D workflow, which focuses on using modifiers to create non-destructive models. And you also probably have heard me talking about the importance of iteration to successful design as well.

My goal is to model faster. Much faster, and also retain the iterative nature of non-destructive modeling. I call this “Speed Modeling” and I've created a great set of tools to help you quickly create your designs and then iterate new versions just as quickly.This Speed Modeling works with drag and drop ease and the precision of exact snapping to surfaces you want to edit. Here, let me show you..."

If you want to see it in action, check out this speed model:

This new workflow I want to share with you is called DESIGN MAGIC and it’s something that has literally changed 100% the way I model now!


So, the goal of DESIGN MAGIC is to accelerate both the speed and iterations of your hard surface 3D designs. And it’s accomplished in the most simple of ways: Using our own newly updated KIT OPS addon.

At its core, DESIGN MAGIC is a collection of well over 200 smartly designed KIT OPS INSERTS which allow you to drag and drop and model directly on your objects. It works with KIT OPS 2 PRO and takes advantages of all the new snapping features while giving you immediate access to your KPACKS with customizable Favorites buttons.

DESIGN MAGIC INSERTS are organized into smartly named groups so you can instantly find exactly the right tool for the task, be it a cutter, a union, a solid, a cable, an array, a vent detail, ribs, decals, GUI display, design widget and more.

But these INSERTS aren’t like other INSERTS. These are special. A lot of thought went into creating just the right set of INSERTS with the right set of customizable properties so to make it easy to use while creating and detailing a model.

DESIGN MAGIC also has a utility addon called DM METASHAPE which helps you use DESIGN MAGIC INSERTS to create some fantastic organic hard surface models.More on that in a minute.

And DESIGN MAGIC has a bunch of easy to modify cables, pipes, junction boxes and even differently sized cables with real physics! You can just drag them into your scene, position them and let gravity take over! It’s easy to create a cable mess in no time. And with KIT OPS 2 PRO, you can quickly make an INSERT out of anything you create, so that you can quickly add it to other projects as well.

According to a survey, one of the biggest issues for 3D modelers is figuring out the right strategy to model an object. In other words, where to start? DESIGN MAGIC solves this. Just grab an object from the DM-Solids KPACK and drop it in your scene. Then’s it’s just a simple matter to continue to add and subtract to your model in an intuitive way. And if you make a mistake, you can always remove it, or change it.

And, other than the straightforward easy-to-use KIT OPS, there’s not much to learn. Most INSERTS have their own modifiers. Add that to the more than half-dozen videos (see below) accompanying DESIGN MAGIC and you’re off and running.

This is the same modeling strategy used by CAD software like Fusion 360, OnShape, Rhino and MoI3D. And because Blender’s surface modeler Booleans are so darn good, it’s easy to do.

So, as I said, I’ve been working on the DESIGN MAGIC collection for quite a few months now, and using it daily to make sure I’ve chosen the correct INSERTS with the most flexible configurations.

So, let’s talk about the METASHAPE addon. This small addon works with DESIGN MAGIC to quickly create smooth and organic objects based on your existing object. So, just add DESIGN MAGIC parts together, and use METASHAPE to smooth them out, sorta like metaballs, and then continue to use DESIGN MAGIC to further design your object. You can easily toggle on and off the METASHAPE, and you can also toggle your Booleans from Fast to Exact as well. See our METASHAPE tutorials to learn more.

Here's a great video that explains how METASHAPE works:

And, as a bonus, it also comes with some other scene props, which we call our ARCH 2050 package.

I should also mention the DESIGN MAGIC system will continually be updated. Users will be able to receive incremental updates on my DISCORD channel, or they can wait until I have a full update package to release– of course all for free.

And, here is a full list of videos to help you get started!

And another video on TIPS and TRICKS with METASHAPE:

The docs are here:

Support is at Discord:

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