85 Realistic Ancient Ruins Models

by Blender Kitbash in Scripts and Addons

🌟 It has never been easier and faster to importing 3D Models in Blender with Blender Kitbash add-on. Besides this add-on which includes 85 different models help you to create a Realistic Ancient Ruins in a few clicks, they can also help you be able to reduce up to 300% of loading the models, save you a lot of time, and avoid causing your computer to freeze while importing models.

🌟 All models are separate and managed by this add-on.

🌟 Package includes a Realistic Ancient Ruins Add-On and 85 different models with hight quality:

✔ 1 Ruins Floor (.blend)

✔ 12 Oaks (.blend)

✔ 12 General Trees (.blend)

✔ 25 General Rocks (.blend)

✔ 4 Ruins Gates (.blend)

✔ 6 Ruins Pillars (.blend)

✔ 15 Slab Rocks (.blend)

✔ 10 Ruins Walls (.blend)

🌟 Video tutorial.

🌟 Now is time to expand your creativity with this add-on.

💲 The Add-On and 85 different models worth $199, now is $29.99 only (limited time).

❓ If you have any questions, concerns, or problems, please do not hesitate contact me. I'm always here to help you.