Conical Roof Generator

by Mithlach in Modifier Setups

With this tool, you can create a conical roof of terracotta tiles with a few clicks, and tailor it to your needs by setting its width, steepness, and age.

The .blend file contains:
- Conical Roof Generator Geometry nodes
- Procedural terracotta material with age parameter
- Base roof tile
- Peak piece

- Append from the ConicalRoofGenerator.blend file the NodeTree -> ConicalRoofGenerator
- Add a random mesh
- Add the Geometry Nodes modifier to the mesh and select the ConicalRoofGenerator
- Configure how many tile circles should the roof have and how steep it should be according to your needs with the corresponding sliders
- Select the base tile
- On the Materials tab, with the Age slider of the Terracotta material configure how worn should the roof be
- If needed, append the PeakPiece Object from the ConicalRoofGenerator.blend. Please note that the PeakPiece is modeled for the Circles:3 and Steepness:3 parameters, for other configurations, it might need to be remodeled.

Dev Fund Contributor
Published almost 2 years ago
Blender Version 3.1, 3.2
License Royalty Free
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