Concept Environment Masterclass In Blender

by Blender Bros in Training

Concept Environment Masterclass in Blender is a comprehensive design and composite course where you will create a full-fledged environment from scratch in Blender and a beautiful composite in Photoshop.

This course covers:

     • 3D Modeling

     • Design Presentation

     • Rendering/Lighting

     • Photoshop Compositing

     • Post Processing

     • Portfolio Presentation

What's the structure of the course?

There are 4 primary topics in this course, which are:

     1. Ideas

     2. Modeling

     3. Texturing

     4. Compositing/Post Processing

We start with various principles of design and do a bit of prep-work, really just covering some of the concepts we'll touch on. Nothing crazy.

The modeling covers around 80% of the course and focuses heavily on how to prep the model for texturing work (where we will be using trim sheets to texture).

In the compositing stage, we use Photoshop to post-process the render and beef up the environment. This stage is essential for proper portfolio presentation.

Who is this course for?

This course is for those wanting to:

     • Improve the quality of their 3D portfolio

     • Improve rendering and composition skills

     • Increase overall competency in 3D/concept design

     • Take their 3D skills to the next level with a proper environment composite

How heavy is the compositing stage? Do I need Photoshop experience?

The compositing stage is straightforward. Most of it is smoke and mirrors, various brushes, and a bit of masking. If you've never touched Photoshop before or have limited experience, that's alright - we cover it step-by-step to get you started.

The final composite in Photoshop is around 30 minutes long. You could complete it in a single sitting. Here's the before and after:

In just 30 minutes you can drastically change the quality and presentation of your portfolio.

It's really quite simple, yet many artists constantly neglect this stage and wonder why they aren't getting results. This problem will be fixed directly in the course.

In the course, we use the Hard Ops and Boxcutter addons for modeling, and Decal Machine for trim sheet texturing. There is an additional video for how to texture without Decal Machine in case you don't have it.


This course is ~6 hours long, easy to digest, and covers the entire process with real-time commentary.

This course will help solve the following:

     • Weakness in design skills

     • Subpar 3D models

     • Uncomfortable or inexperienced feelings with post work in Photoshop

     • Difficulty with proper rendering, lighting, angles and overall presentation

     • Difficulty creating environments and clean models in Blender

     • Hard surface modeling struggles

     • Lack of essential design principles

If you identify with any of the points above, then this course is for you.

*This course comes with one free sample trim sheet to use during texturing.

*Disclaimer: Truck in third render is NOT included in the course

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