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A free version was released, please consider donating PKL files created with the addon for us to build a library of animations.

Free Animation Library

CEB 4D Humans Free Animation Files

Collaborate with the Animation Library

If you created animation and could share, please send me. You can contact me at:

Important information:

To fully work, you need a CUDA card. Users reported that they were able to run on a GPU with 6gb of VRAM.

If it doesnt work for you can try to use Google Colab to help. More information below

If you want dont want to use Google Colab, please test on your PC using the FREE version.

To use the addon you need to register on and agree with its license

CEB 4D humans heavy work done on top of the 4D humans code (available for free at

What CEB 4D human is?

The CEB 4d humans addon  is a tool that can make you animation work much faster by using a single video as input and export a very good animation that can be used in many ways:

  • create an animation reference for you to create your own animation, understanding better how the body moves
  • you can use it with he smoothing tools to fix th jitter that usually comes with markesless mocap solution
  • you can select key poses (and erase everything else) to use as the first pass on your animation project

What you can do with CEB 4D Humans:

  • you can easily create animations using almost any video with one or more people
  • use the provided tools to remove jitter 
  • use the foot height to lock the foot on the Z axis (in case you have some unexpected results where the body goes away from the floor when it shouldn't)

What you can't do:

  • you can't have finger tracking
  • you can't have face tracking

Computer Specs needed:

Total 15gb of free space on the hard drive which is:

10gb free on windows user folder (usually drive C)

5gb free for venv data (any drive you select)

A CUDA compatible card with 6gb (users reported that it works) to run the full process on your pc.

If you dont have CUDA card or less then 6gb of memory you can run animation generation on google colab and import it on the addon to finalize and import the data.

Tutorial on how to install the addon

Import Animations from Animation Library page

Export animations and how to send us to improve the animation library

How to use the animation on your own character

To transfer the animation to your character you can do something called retarget

By retargetting you can make your own character to come to life.

Here is an tutorial explanin how to do retargting from 4d human to a mixamo armature made by

Tutorial using google Colab + CEB 4D Humans

link to official 4d humans google colab was not working in October 2023, try this colab instead:



This tools uses SmoothNet ( to clean the data created with CEB 4D Humans.

this smooth will only work with animation created with CEB 4d Humans or the google colab one.

Smooth 2 "j4ck (Giacomo Spaconi) Method"

this smooth tool can make the animation much better than the raw data, and this tool can be used on other animtions, not only in CEB 4d Humans ones.

Foot height lock

This tool can help to make the animation not to fly around. Select the place where it should start to be locked to the floor, and when it should stop. this selection is necessary because you can have some action where the character jumps

Pack of free animations

This product also comes with a pack with several raw animations created with CEB 4d humans, that can be loaded loaded in blender using the addon.

Expect more animations to come in the future.

The pack is called "" and it comes with 11 animations. 

How to use the animation pack?
Unzip the "" file and you will have a PKL files. 
Load them using the Import option on the "Import/Export Animation" part of the panel
Then, you can load the animation using the "Import Raw option"
You can use the smooth option to make the animation more stable, as you can do if you are using your own footage.

To install using offline data.
download "" from the link , its inside the folder "CEB 4D Humans"

log of changes:

2023-11-20: 0.55:Added Presets for retargeting UE4,UE5 and metahuman characters. Also added presets for some BlenderStudio Rigs (Ellie v1 and Rain v2.4)

2023-11-19: 0.54: Adjust rest position, this tool enables you to use the CEB 4d humans retarget system even if the target character is not in T pose. Added preset for retarget to "Character Creator +" character

2023-11-17: 0.53: New tool "Extract Marked Frames", that enables you to clean the animation more easily and faster

2023-10-13: 0.52: Fix where you can use videos with more than 1.300 frames

2023-09-19: 0.51: the mixamo rig now gets the prefix automatically (you dont have to write the prefix anymore)

2023-09-18: 0.50: added retargeting options (with mixamo and autorigpro presets) and fixed some bugs

2023-09-16: 0.41: fixed some bugs, rebuild the way to interact with the action list on the panel, make the core option more modular and added an option to make the next action to be in the same direction and place as the previous action (watch the video for better understanding)

2023-09-15: 0.40: Added tools to create a full animation using multiple parts of animations (using the power of NLA), updated the foot height lock, to consider also the wrists placement to have a better result

2023-09-10: 0.30 - Fixed Armature orientation (not its not upside down anymore)

2023-09-09: 0.22 - Added Link to Animation Library page (Free/Paid)

2023-09-05: 0.21 - added option to use less vram (about 8.5gb on my tests) (Free/Paid)

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