Blender Zipper Generator

by Workman3d in Modifier Setups

This addon allows you to easily add zippers to most meshes inside of Blender. Use the integrated panel to adjust both default settings and individual settings of each stitch object. Controls include: Zipper Scale, Teeth style, Zipper direction, turning on/off left and right side, hiding the Zipper and stopper, and changing from connected to separated at the base. Easily set a selected Zipper as the default settings for future Zippers, and prepare the scene for handing off to someone without the tool installed.

This tool is designed for Blender 3.6 or newer. The tool will not work in older versions.

Instructional Video available Here.

This is the initial release, with updates to come adding new features and adjustments. Currently the 3rd zipper style is unfinished, but I included it for those that want to use as is. Future planned updates include finishing the 3rd zipper style(Coil), and adding the ability to open the Zipper part way. 

Update V1.01: Fixed issue with converting to mesh.

Published about 1 month ago
Blender Version 3.6
License Royalty Free
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