Blender Add-On Bundle! (3 Addon )

by CGBlender in Addons

Ultimate Value Add-on Bundle! Pack! ($45 Value for only $15 For 3 Addons) :

What is Low Poly Environment Builder Add-on?

Low Poly Environment Builder is a powerful add-on that allows you to create low poly environments like islands or forests...., this is the first version, and next update we will try to add more different low poly environment styles

What is Cracks and Damage maker add-on?

one click is all you need to create damage or crack in Edge or Face, Cracks and Damage maker is a powerful add-on that gives more control to your 3d work.


The purpose of Quick Studio Light addon is to allow you to create high-quality scenes for your renderings and animations in no time. Plus, the add-on includes 30 lighting presets to quickly add to the scene.