B-Lomo: Lomography Film Emulation In Blender

by Mischen Software in Addons

Want to render authentic and filmic, photo-real shots in Blender without the need for post processing or using the compositor?

B-Lomo is a custom camera module for Blender, which gives digital artists the ability to capture the look and feel of Lomography and film photography in their renders, straight out of the 3D viewport.

The module imports directly with one button press, and is fully controllable and customisable from the 3D viewport.

The B-Lomo Module Features:

- SIX CUSTOM LOMO FILM RECIPES | Each inspired by real world film stocks, used by the Lomography community.

- TWO LENS PROFILES | A built in fisheye lens, and a 35mm to recreate the focal length of authentic Lomography.

- IN-BUILT LENS CHARACTERISTICS | Authentic vignetting, lens aberration and film grain to ensure renders are always photo-realistic.

- THREE PRESET RESOLUTIONS | Scalable resolutions, all in the authentic film 3:2 aspect ratio to suit any machine's limitations.

Film recipes can be changed live on the fly using B-Lomo's custom module, and rendered straight from the 3D viewport.

B-Lomo's Film Recipes:

'Ember' - Warm, vintage tones and a soft contrast: Ideal for exterior shots, deserts and sunsets.

'Glacier' - Cold, high contrast and heavy grain: Perfect for gritty night shots & Winter scenes.

'Subway' - Greenish hues, high contrast & red highlights: For gritty, urban vibes or apocalyptic scenes.

'Tropics' - Softer, cinematic orange & teal: An all round performer, brings cinematic colour grading to any shot.

'Scarlet' -  Dramatic, high contrast reddish hues: Perfect for adding grit and energy, adds an edge to horror renders.

'Lavender' - Purple hues, very high contrast: Brings a unique flavour to renders, best used in nature scenes.

Rendered with 'Glacier', straight from the 3D viewport. No post processing or editing required.

Rendered with 'Ember', straight from the 3D viewport. No post processing or editing required.

Virtual scenes can now be captured organically, allowing artists to focus on composition and framing much like stills photography.

The B-Lomo module is tailor made for any 3D artist looking to bring a unique visual style to their renders, blending the unique world of traditional Lomography with the unlimited possibilities of a 3D scene.

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Published 25 days ago
Blender Version 4.2, 4.1
License GPL
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